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David Hasselhoff Launches ‘Hoff Zombie Beach’

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Brand new arcade style game for iPhone to launch just in time for Halloween #HoffZombieBeach

HOFF_2_1024x748 (2)23rd October: THE legendary David Hasselhoff is bringing retro back with the launch of Hoff Zombie Beach, a brand new arcade-style video game for iPhone, complete with the iconic Baywatch theme tune and other special features, available now on iTunes App Store for 69p.

Inspired by his love of Halloween, Hoff Zombie Beach sees the player as the iconic Hoff himself, defending a beach from a mutant wave of zombies who are approaching from the depths of the sea. Using a range of unexpected weapons, from an exploding seagull to a goo gun, the aim of the game is to kill the zombies before they hit the sand and destroy the sandcastles around The Hoff’s feet.

Hoff_1024x748 (2)Socially connected, the player has access to a photo booth to position their own image through the Hoff cut-out and the ability to send their unique Hoff image to friends, as well as access to The Hoff’s live Twitter feed. There’s also a Hoff Soundboard that offers exclusive sound bites of ‘Hoffisms’ which can be unlocked throughout the levels.

A fan of gaming himself, today The Hoff realises a long-held dream of releasing his very own gaming app. David Hasselhoff said: “If you have an iPhone you know apps are a magical thing. To have my own gaming app is cool and very much a dream. Hoff Zombie Beach is interactive and pokes fun out me and Baywatch – the zombies are actually modelled on agents and managers I know! Apps are just fun and I love the fact I can be connected to my fans via their smartphones.”

Key features:
Kill Zombies
§ 22 different zombie types unlocked through the game
§ Each new Zombie introduced via Zombie Card displaying strength, speed and weapon vulnerabilities

Buy Weapons
§ Select weapons and upgrade by collecting coins in the game
§ Weapons upgraded in three stages; life float, life ring and inflatable toy
§ Kill the zombies with exploding seagulls, plastic dart guns, guitars and goo guns
§ 34 different weapons to choose

Progress Levels
§ Three levels each with eight stages; day, night and fog
§ Progress even if you fail a stage by replaying the same level or choose an easier level to collect coins and buy better weapons

Speaking about the game with Digital Spy, Hasselhoff said that it can be played by all age groups, and that it contains many references to his previous work. “We did Dance Hoff with PlayStation a few years ago, and I met with a group of game designers, and I said that I’d like to do a Hoff game. I wasn’t looking for a downpayment, so I said, ‘Let’s be partners’. They asked what I liked, and I said, ‘I like zombies!’ and Zombieland is one of my all-time favorite movies. It is natural, bringing in some Knight Rider, a little Baywatch, to defend all these zombies who are coming out the water to hurt The Hoff!”
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