Air Date: November 1, 1994 (On FOX)

David plays a ‘good’ bad guy role in this 1994 Fox thriller. A family of three (father, son, and daughter) take a trip up to a log cabin in the snow covered mountains when disaster strikes. While flying over the Rocky Mountains on the run from smuggling diamonds, David’s character Duncan decides to kill the pilot and bail out of the airplane causing the plane to crash. When the plane hits the mountain it causes a huge avalanche which covers the cabin where the family is staying. In the midst of trying to dig their way out of the snow covered cabin, they open one of the windows only to discover Duncan stuck in the snow, but still alive. Upon rescuing him, the father (Michael Gross) and his two children find themselves in danger trapped inside the cabin with Duncan. As they try to dig their way to freedom, Duncan has other plans. He soon becomes violent, as he desparately tries to search for the missing diamonds from his pack lost during the avalanche. The family realizes that they must not only find their way out from underneath the snow, but a way out from Duncan as they struggle to stay alive.