The Cartier Affair

Air Date: November 4, 1984 (On NBC)

David plays Curt Taylor, a convict who must pay back a debt he owes to a very powerful man, Phil Drexler (Telly Savalas), back in prision. Once he is released from prision, he gets set up by Drexler’s men to be the secretary to actress Cartier Rand (Joan Collins). He is told by Drexler’s men that all he has to do is get the key to Cartier’s security system and then he is free to leave, but things don’t end up quite so simple. Curt and Cartier grow closer together and when he is told he must steal her jewels, he decides to fight back. After confessing his mistakes to Cartier about who he really is, they end up in Mexico on the run with Drexler’s men for the jewels and on the adventure of a lifetime!