Terror At London Bridge

AKA Bridge Across Time
Air Date: November 22, 1985 (On NBC) • Celebrating 35 years 1985-2020

David plays Don Gregory, a Chicago cop who has just relocated to Lake Havasu, Arizona. Trouble begins when Jack The Ripper is brought back to life from the one remaining stone that is to be added to complete the London Bridge. Don finds himself in the middle of it all, trying to solve the case all the while dealing with heat from the city council. In the midst of it all he meets a young woman, Angie (Stepfanie Kramer), whom he begins to fall for. Together along with his police partner Joe (Randolph Mantooth), they crack the case of the century. Knight Rider viewers will remember Clu Gulager from the season three Knight Rider episode “Buy Out” where he played Eugene Hanson, and Ken Swofford from the season four Knight Rider episode “Knight Of The Rising Sun”, he played Nick O’Brien. Baywatch viewers will remember Ken Swofford from the season two episodes “If Looks Could Kill” and “Seas Of Flames” where he played Detective Lyle Connors. Baywatch viewers will also remember Randolph Mantooth from the third season episode “Dead Of Summer” where he played Sam Dietz.