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Karoline Haring’s Story:

My Name is Karoline, I live in Austria. Since 1986 I am a great
and loyal fan of DAVID HASSELHOFF. Since the 1. Knight Rider
episode on TV I am fire and flame for the good Looking David.
Since the Time I collect everything I about David can find.
I have a large collection from around the world. For me,there
have been no other Superstar.
By 2011 ,it was not possible for me going to a concert.
It lacked money and opportunity.
First concert then 2011 – HOFF IS BACK TOUR in Linz –
After that first night I I rewardet myself with a Tatoo
of David´s face.
2013 2. concert ,the HOFFMANIA in Gmunden. I meet David
for the first time in person. Photos and embrace inclusive,
David was inspiret by my Tatoo. This is the most beautiful
experience of my Life. I never would have tought ,even as David
come close to. What I always knew has been confirmed David
is very personable ,warm and lovable. A Superstar at your fingertips.
Without Attitude,naturally. David has his fans want to be close,
likes the bath in the crowd. I´ll always be a loyal fan of David,
be and I hope, he still remains on the stage is set.
David is the best Entertainer, because except Music ,he makes many
other things.
I wish David very success and happyness,and privately.
My greatest wish,a meeting with David,and a visit to his native
California,will probably always remain unfulfilled. A trip to the
United States to me for financial reascens impossible .
This will both always remain a dream.