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Karoline Haring sent us these photos and her story via Robert Knight Of Hoff Talk from her first time meeting David at the 1st Hoff Mania in Gmunden, showing David her “Hoff tattoo” as well as some of her memorabilia collection from home that she calls her “Hoff Museum”.
First 2 photos in the gallery – FotoCredit: Helmut Harringer / :

Karoline Haring’s Fan Story:

My Name is Karoline, I live in Austria. Since 1986 I am a great
and loyal fan of DAVID HASSELHOFF. Since the 1. Knight Rider
episode on TV I am fire and flame for the good Looking David.
Since the Time I collect everything I about David can find.
I have a large collection from around the world. For me,there
have been no other Superstar.
By 2011 ,it was not possible for me going to a concert.
It lacked money and opportunity.
First concert then 2011 – HOFF IS BACK TOUR in Linz –
After that first night I I rewardet myself with a Tatoo
of David´s face.
2013 2. concert ,the HOFFMANIA in Gmunden. I meet David
for the first time in person. Photos and embrace inclusive,
David was inspiret by my Tatoo. This is the most beautiful
experience of my Life. I never would have tought ,even as David
come close to. What I always knew has been confirmed David
is very personable ,warm and lovable. A Superstar at your fingertips.
Without Attitude,naturally. David has his fans want to be close,
likes the bath in the crowd. I´ll always be a loyal fan of David,
be and I hope, he still remains on the stage is set.
David is the best Entertainer, because except Music ,he makes many
other things.
I wish David very success and happyness,and privately.
My greatest wish,a meeting with David,and a visit to his native
California,will probably always remain unfulfilled. A trip to the
United States to me for financial reascens impossible .
This will both always remain a dream.

Lee Miller and his family meeting with David and “Kitt” at London Film And Comic Con, a special time for his little boy Ethan:

Lee Miller’s Message: “David Hasselhoff Kind To My Family”:

We meet him at London film and comic con, David was great and spent lots of time with my son, who’s been in and out of hospital. Later I sent David a e-mail thanking him, which he put up on his facebook and twitter and sent a little message to Ethan on twitter. Then later that week I met David again at a casino in Stratford, where when he arrived he came straight over to me as he recognised me and asked how Ethan was, he then did a video message to Ethan and asked me to stay the rest of the evening as his guest and play some of the casino games with him. I had a fantastic time.

Ethan’s Story – Meeting Lots Of Wonderful Fans In London

Markus having fun with David after seeing him in “Chicago” in London, 2004:


Robert Hughes AKA Robert Knight Of Hoff Talk Memorabilia Collection:

Sandy Pötschke With David Hasselhoff and Hayley Roberts and the cool blanket she made as well as some memorabilia:

Tanja meeting David after seeing him in “Chicago” in London, 2004: