HoffTheRecordDVDOrder The DVD Now At amazon.co.uk! All six episodes of the documentary-style comedy series following David Hasselhoff as he tries to reignite his career. With his acting vocation in Hollywood stalling, the former ‘Knight Rider’ and ‘Baywatch’ actor moves to the UK to star in a documentary about his life. Put up in a shabby hotel, things get worse for the Hoff across the Atlantic when he finds out he must audition to play himself in the programme and loses the part, and a 24-year-old German named Dieter (Mark Quartley) introduces himself claiming to be David’s son. In desperate need of money after his fifth divorce, the Hoff attempts to take on a series of bizarre jobs including working as a UN goodwill ambassador, singing at a war criminal’s birthday and acting in a pantomime. But will any of them be enough to turn his fortunes around?