OAKLAND, Calif., March 16, 2015 — /PR Newswire/ — Life is busy and cleaning can sometimes be a hassle. That’s why Clorox is introducing three new cleaning innovations that make scrubbing, cleaning and dusting easier and faster without sacrificing the real clean expected from Clorox. To announce these new convenient cleaners, Clorox® ScrubSingles™, Clorox® Pump ‘N Clean™ and  Clorox® Triple Action Dust Wipes, Clorox enlisted David Hasselhoff, the king of hassle-free living, to help tackle everyday cleaning challenges. After all, there are no hassles when you clean like “The Hoff.”

HassleHoffDayPhoto02Clorox, David Hasselhoff and Homejoy, a platform that connects customers with cleaning professionals, will bring New Yorkers a “Hoff-er” too good to refuse with #HassleOffDay. New Yorkers who sign up for a Homejoy cleaning service during the month of March are eligible for a chance to have their home cleaned by The Hoff with the new Clorox products and Homejoy’s professional cleaners. Residents must sign up before March 18, 2015. Entry instructions for NYC residents are listed at www.Homejoy.com.   
“The Hoff is always ready for heroic action, but when it comes to cleaning, I leave it to the real experts,” said David Hasselhoff. “I’m excited to help Clorox and Homejoy during #HassleOffDay to give people a chance to experience hassle-free cleaning with me!”
“At Homejoy, we’re dedicated to making people’s lives easier, and giving them more time to enjoy life,” said Bastian Purrer, Head of Growth, Homejoy. “With Clorox and The Hoff, we’re excited to give a few lucky homes in our New York community a real surprise and shine!”
HassleOffDayPhoto3Hasselhoff also participated in a series of Vine videos and Pinterest how-to guides that educate how to clean without the hassle of traditional cleaners. Consumers nationally also have a chance to win a hassle-free clean of their own by sharing this Vine content. Share online between March 16 and April 26, 2015 for a chance to win a Homejoy cleaning service and a selection of Clorox’s new products. Details can be found at www.Clorox.com/HassleOff.

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