The Hoff with his Oykos spoon 1To celebrate the launch of its indulgent new Oykos Heavenly range, Oykos pays tribute to the tastiest celebrity hunks by immortalising them in delicious dessert spoons. Why? Because the world’s tastiest yogurt deserves the world’s tastiest spoon! David Hasselhoff, famed for his slow motion run in red shorts in the 90’s cult classic, also triumphed in the public vote being named ‘Most Iconic Hunk in Trunks’ with over a quarter of women selecting him as their favourite topless TV totty (26%). The singer and TV star was delighted with his spoon trophy and was photographed posing with it next to the legendary car KITT from Knight Rider.

The Hoff Oykos Spoon 10Esme Rodger, Oykos Brand Manager, comments: “At Oykos we believe the world’s tastiest yogurt deserves the world’s tastiest spoon, so what better way to celebrate the launch of our delicious new Oykos Heavenly range than with spoons sculpted in the form of the tastiest celebrity hunks? It’s great to see the public voting for Peter and David as the most iconic hunks, they look even tastier in the unique spoons we’ve had sculpted of their torsos. We’ve had a great response to our World’s Tastiest Spoon campaign and we are looking forward to unveiling our winning hunks soon.”

The nationwide vote and research was commissioned as part of Oykos’ ‘World’s Tastiest Spoon’ campaign to celebrate the tastiness of real hunks across the UK, led by TV judge Amanda Holden, who has been inviting women to nominate their partners all summer. The final four hunks are set to be revealed later this year and will be sculpted into spoons for their wives and girlfriends to dunk their very own hunk into their yogurt.

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