DavidJan302014Photo1KATWIJK – The new championship Acceleration today announced the official press conference held at Valkenburg Airbase near The Hague. The new class is similar to the former A1GP, cast in a new guise, with country teams compete against each other in various championships. The old A1GP cars are the main under the heading FA1. Besides that, Pick-ups, Legend Cars and two engine classes at the start of every weekend. In addition to the racing activities will also find a musical event every weekend. That is hosted by David Hasselhoff on Friday night and the theme is the 80s and 90s, on Saturday there are large dance acts on the program. The press conference was hosted by David Hasselhoff and there were performances by the Vengaboys and 2Unlimited. In addition, two karters from the team of Peter de Bruijn a short demo. Meindert van Buuren drove FA1-Team Netherlands car inside, Nigel did for Team Belgium. The Pick-up of the Belgian team was managed by Beitske Visser. Besides the Dutch racing talents from many prominent racing were present, including team bosses Frits van Amersfoort and Frans Verschuur.

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