David’s Christmas movie “The Christmas Consultant” that originally aired November 10, 2012 on Lifetime will be available to purchase on DVD in Germany October 2nd at and in the USA October 15th at The German DVD release is titled “Christmas Planner” and is listed at only EUR 12,99. The USA DVD release is apart of a 4 part Lifetime movie DVD release: The Christmas Consultant/Holiday Spin/The March Sisters At Christmas/Holly’s Holiday, and is listed at only $14.99. David plays the lovable Christmas planner Owen, who comes to spread holiday cheer for the Fletcher family as they get ready for Christmas in this fun filled family movie. Both movies are now available for pre-order.

Also coming to DVD is Dancing Ninja, a Kung Foo style movie that David filmed with High School Musical star Lucas Grabeel back in 2009. Dancing Ninja will be released October 8th and is available for purchase at In this film, Lucas Grabeel plays an orphan who dreams of becoming a ninja. He travels to Hollywood in search of his birth parents, where he gets mixed up in a crime. David plays Ansel Ladouche. Listed at only $26.98. This movie is now available for pre-order.