David had a huge turn out in Gmunden this weekend for Hoff Mania! Knight Rider was the theme today as David met with several fans and signed lots of autographs, including cars. Check out photos and videos from the weekend…

speedlight.at Hoff-Mania: Knight Rider Day Photos:

More From Hoff Mania Weekend…

David sings “Hey We Wanna Rock The World” From The Open Air Concert:

Hoff Army Photos | Andy Budges’ Videos:

“Someone Like You” – The Romantics:

“We Got Tonight” – The Romantics:

“Flying On The Wings Of Tenderness” – The Romantics:

Rehearsal – Open Air:

Rock The World – Open Air:

Rhinestone Cowboy – Open Air:

Wir Zwei Allein – Open Air:

More Photos: nachrichten.at

Thanks to Gmunden Wow what a GREAT FIRST HOFF FESTIVAL !!

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