The National Geographic channel aired a 3 night event series titled The ’80s: The Decade That Made Us from April 14th-16th. Six retrospective episodes were aired featuring a lot of the history from the 1980s including pop culture, politics, music, and fashion. David was interviewed for this series and appeared on a few of the episodes (Shop till You Drop, Super Power) where Knight Rider and The Berlin Wall were featured. They discussed how Knight Rider had become syndicated in 82 countries around the world in the late 80s, and how popular it was becoming in West Germany. Shop till You Drop showed David commenting on the 80s “Brick” cell phone when he was on Knight Rider. Super Power showed footage from the Knight Rider first season episode Deadly Maneuvers where Michael and KITT visit an army base, and later New Years Eve 1989 when David sang on the Berlin Wall.

Be sure to visit their 80s page for videos, photos, and more at and see their Episode Guide for encore showings of these episodes.

When asked how David would describe the 80s, he said “Smilin”. 🙂 We couldn’t agree more! 😎