Hey guys! I received my new cardboard standup of David’s today in the mail and thought I’d share my photos and a review. The standup comes folded in 3 sections in a large folding style cardboard that looks like a giant envelope that is taped on either side. The easiest way to open is to cut the tape on the sides and unfold the sides while laying it all flat out on the floor. You will have to unfold the standup and detach it from the white cardboard it is cut out from, it is perforated nicely so it’s easily removable. Next comes the stand on the back, which you will have to unfold all the cutout sections and fit the pieces together and he’s all ready to stand, or rather “sit” anywhere. 😉 I decided to “stand” him by my Knight Rider memorabilia bookcase, I will post more photos of my collection soon, please stay tuned! 🙂 We’d love to see your photos with this incredible standup, please drop us an email HERE and we’ll post them up. Totally awesome standup, get it now at advancedgraphics.com for only $34.95! Standup measures Size: 64″ x 38″ and will look great in your home or office!
Peace Guys! ~ Natalie, davidhasselhoffonline.com 😎